Clinic follow up

From Rich:

Good morning, all,
I wanted to touch base and thank all for coming down to the HS Clinic yesterday.
We packed an awful lot into a short window, and hopefully everybody feels more comfortable with the rules and mechanics we are looking to use for 2015.
A couple of quick things that I wanted to touch base on:
a. First, Great News……Congratulations to Randy and his wife for the birth of Baby #2…..Avery Ryann Milou, she was born 3/23 at 3:35am, 7lbs, 5oz – everyone is doing great.
b. Second, Meeting Dates – I have looked through the PVIAC Game schedules, and the dates I would like to schedule our next HS meetings are as follows:
 1. Monday April 13 - see below…..we have 3 games that day, all starting at 4:00. I am guessing that we should be able to get a good turn-out, though I do know Monday are still Youth Days.   The focus on the 13th meeting will be Game Films, looking at situations…..please try and keep this day reserved for our meeting….if you are unable to make meetings, you are required to email Randy or myself to notify us.
 2. Tuesday May 5 - Again, this is a very light day for PVIAC Games, with 4 games being played, and all starting at 4:00, thus lets plan this date.
I will finalize the meeting sites as we get closer.
Please be sure all have taken the Concussion Course, and have gotten in your HS Exam answers to get certified.
Games are going to be released soon….lets please try and accept these games right away so Craig can make the adjustments to schedules asap.
Expect games to be moved, canceled, etc…..this time of the year, you should be checking Arbiter frequently.
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2015 exam. Concussion certification.

The month of March and spring lacrosse is right around the corner.  You need no more evidence than this email from Rich:

As all know, LAX season is starting, with a full slate of College Games on the docket……High School and Prep School games are not far behind.
A couple things we wanted to follow up on:
(a.) The 2015 High School Lacrosse Exam…..also the NFHS Boys 2015 Rule Changes Memo approved by the committee, printed from Lax Power…and 2015 NFHS rules clarification.
Please complete the exam by the 3/22 and bring it to the clinic. Some of you may have already taken the HS Exam….if so, you do not need to take again.
You can take the exam one of 2 ways:
  a. Print test, circle your answer – hand in to either myself or Randy at the clinic.
  b. Save the test on your hard drive, re-open, then go through and high-light your answers, and save…..once completed, please email to Randy or I…..we will grade them, and hand in the completed list to Craig.
Please note – to be certified by the MIAA, you are required to complete an exam. It is open book….again, lets get the all in by 3/22, or hand in at clinic. I know the College Guys have completed the NCAA rules exam….we would ask that you go through and do the HS exam as well…..thanks
## Note - I know some of you will ask about the new Rule Books…..if you don’t have one, you will get these at the clinic…..please use last years books for the exam….and follow the rules changes memos attached.
(b.) Concussion Certification - all officials need to have completed the NFH concussion course in order to officiate in the state of MA. If you completed this course in the Fall, you are not required to re-take in the spring.
The course is free… takes about 20 minutes. If you have already taken in the Fall, please let Randy or I know at the clinic so we can include in the summary to Craig….if not, please sit down and watch it.
(c). Key dates to be sure you have on your schedule:
  1. SUNDAY March 22 - Mandatory Clinic – WNU - 9:00 to 12:30
  2. SUNDAY March 15 - Springfield College Jamboree – Times will be forth coming.
  3. Thursday March 19 through Sunday March 22 - Williston Academy Pre-Season Camp/Games – 2 games every day.

We will be emailing out requests for Availability soon for both the Springfield College and Williston events, and ask for folks to sign up….lets all sign up for as much Pre-Season Work as we can, and enter the season ready to go.


(d) The Arbiter - once again, we will be using the Arbiter as our scheduling tool…….PLEASE - everyone log on to Arbiter, plug in any BLOCK dates you have, and THEN – VERY IMPORTANT - click Ready to be Assigned.

Craig will be getting the schedules in the next 3-4 weeks, and he cannot assign you games unless you click this….as well,PLEASE go to your profile, and update your Email address and Cell Phone Number. With all the snow we have had, there are bound to be cancellations, re-schedules, etc. Don’t be the one that says “I never got contacted” only to find out the email or cell number you have in your profile is wrong…please check it.


That’s it….email back or call with questions.

Stay safe and warm,


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Mandatory 2015 rules clinic date change

a. The Mandatory 2015 Rules Clinic, originally scheduled for Sunday March 15, has been moved to Sunday March 22.
b. The location will be Western New England University – Coffee and Muffins, etc. will be served starting at 8:30.
c. For planning purposes, please plan we will be starting promptly at 9:00, and we should be completed by 12:00.
d. To help all as you prepare for your season, you can spend a few minutes and watch the National Federation High School Video below.
e. Also attached is the 2015 Rule Changes memo/Points of Emphasis…please take a look through this…we will review at Clinic.

About 50 Days until the first official High School game….and there will be scrimmages prior.

Get the body in motion, start getting into the Rule book, and lets be ready to go day 1!

As well, if you haven’t done already, please log into your Arbiter, check ready to be assigned, and put in your Blocks if you have previous commitments you know about. As well, please double check your profile, and be sure your Phone Numbers and E-Mail addresses are correct…..this is how you get games……be sure they are updated.

NHF Boys Lacrosse Rules Changes 2015

NFHS Rules Interpretation video for 2015

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Opening year rules meeting – from Rick Clarke

Good morning, all,
I hope all are doing well entering 2015.
I wanted to be sure everyone had a confirmed date for this years mandatory Rules Clinic. This year, we will be have our clinic on Sunday March 15……please lock this date into your calendars.  More information on the clinic will be forth coming….we are planning to meet again at Western New England University.
We also are at the point of the year when we begin training for new officials, and our board is always interested in getting good, new candidates involved.  If any of you know anyone that may have an interest in officiating LAX in 2015, please email back and we can reach out.
FYI, we are around 60 days away from the 1st round of High school scrimmages and games………our first real game to be assigned is just 78 days away, March 26.
This is the time to begin starting to think about getting your body in motion, and trying to get your legs in shape and ready for the season. The better you prepare prior to the season, the better your chance to stay healthy.
Some of you do second sports in the winter, which is a great place to stay fit…..the key…try and get some consistent run/walk time in each week….
Also keep in mind that one of our biggest concerns every year is injuries….and most injuries that we all get are either in our lower legs (Achilles, Calfs) or Hamstrings.  Stretching is a key preventative measure here. As there are many different ways to stretch, I attached examples of some of the most important stretching exercises you can do on a regular basis to prepare your legs to begin running/walking and to get your muscles stretched out heading into the season.
Take a look at these and I hope they give you some good ideas……if you have any questions on these, please call or email back.
We are looking forward to seeing all soon……please email back any questions.
Happy new year…..think LAX,
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Hall of Fame banquet will honor and Craig Brown and Bill Togneri.

As all know, the 2015 High School LAX season is fast approaching, and before we know it, we will be on the field.
One very special event is taking place on Wed. Jan 14.
The Western MA. US Lacrosse chapter is honoring 10 individuals into the Hall of Fame, and as you can see, 2 brother officials are being so honored, Craig Brown and Bill Togneri. Both of these individuals have had very strong impacts on many of our Officiating Careers, and have dedicated themselves to the game of Lacrosse. Congratulations to both of them….very well deserved!
He is asking for an RSVP for planning purposes, so please email Bob if you plan to attend. The RSVP is Jan. 2 (apologize for getting this out late), thus if you plan to go, please get in touch with Bob ASAP.
All the best, and I look forward to seeing all soon,
Happy Holidays! Please spread the word!
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Playoff brackets

MIAA brackets for district 2 are out.  There is one game on Sunday and the first round is on Tuesday.  Stay tuned with the Arbiter and with your email and reply quickly if you are assigned a game.

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Banquet + sportsmanship award + playoffs


Many of you have not yet responded as to whether or not you are attending the banquet on June 10th 6:30pm at Samuel’s at the HOF. I MUST know by Tuesday at the latest.

Also, each year we present a Sportsmanship Award to the program which has displayed the best sportsmanship as en entire program (coaches, players, sidelines). It can be either a Prep or public school. Winners in recent years have been Chicopee High, Meadow and Deerfield Academy. Voting begins now and I need all of your votes in by this coming Tuesday..

Playoff seedings are tomorrow so stay tuned for possible assignments.


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Blows to the head

CVYL rules warrant a 2-3 minute, non-releasable penalty for a blow to the head. Please be aggressive when making these calls.

Also please be mindful that blows to the head and defenseless hits draw an automatic 2-3 minute non-releasable penalty in NFHS games. We have all seen these hits this year. Call them aggressively, call them early and get the big hits out of the game.

We should also be able to distinguish a brush to the head (1 minute releasable) and a vicious, blatant or excessive hit to the head.

From Josh:

A routine slash that catches the player in the helmet SHOULD NOT BE COUNTED AS A BLOW TO THE HEAD. Unless the slash is blatant, or vicious, a routine slash call that catches the helmet is only 1 MINUTE releasable.

Also, If you have a flag down slow whistle at the closing seconds of the period and the ball is loose as the horn blows. Administer the penalty and the offended team starts with the ball over midfield at the start of the quarter. Remember, a flag down denotes possession.

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Recap of May 6th meeting

Below is a recap of the meeting on Tuesday.

Get the late hits! Too many late hits happening lately. We need to stop ball watching and watch the shooter/passer if your in that position.

Email/Call your partner and the AD to confirm game time and location. Twice in the last week we had game time/location changes and everybody was on the wrong page.

We need to do a better job at arriving on time. We must be there at least 15 minutes early at the latest. Strive to be there at least 30 min early. I know its tough during the weekdays.

On the youth front: if you don’t like the fee or the form of payment from a town or organization. TOUGH SHIT. Many towns pay by check through the Park and Rec Dept. We have no control over it. if you don’t like the fee or being paid by check just respectfully decline the game. Don’t give them a rash of shit because you only make all of us like like idiots. If we find people doing this again I will contact Craig and you will lose HS games.

Banquet will be held on June 10th at Samuels at the HOF. 630pm. May 26th is deadline for you to reserve. Please let me know if your attending.

Josh Walts

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The next meeting is at 6:30 on Tuesday, May 6th at the Basketball Hall of Fame.

The banquet will be on Wednesday June 10th. Mark your calendars.

Josh has the white hats if you have not gotten yours. You may wear the white hats in games starting on May 1.

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