Playoff brackets

MIAA brackets for district 2 are out.  There is one game on Sunday and the first round is on Tuesday.  Stay tuned with the Arbiter and with your email and reply quickly if you are assigned a game.

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Banquet + sportsmanship award + playoffs


Many of you have not yet responded as to whether or not you are attending the banquet on June 10th 6:30pm at Samuel’s at the HOF. I MUST know by Tuesday at the latest.

Also, each year we present a Sportsmanship Award to the program which has displayed the best sportsmanship as en entire program (coaches, players, sidelines). It can be either a Prep or public school. Winners in recent years have been Chicopee High, Meadow and Deerfield Academy. Voting begins now and I need all of your votes in by this coming Tuesday..

Playoff seedings are tomorrow so stay tuned for possible assignments.


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Blows to the head

CVYL rules warrant a 2-3 minute, non-releasable penalty for a blow to the head. Please be aggressive when making these calls.

Also please be mindful that blows to the head and defenseless hits draw an automatic 2-3 minute non-releasable penalty in NFHS games. We have all seen these hits this year. Call them aggressively, call them early and get the big hits out of the game.

We should also be able to distinguish a brush to the head (1 minute releasable) and a vicious, blatant or excessive hit to the head.

From Josh:

A routine slash that catches the player in the helmet SHOULD NOT BE COUNTED AS A BLOW TO THE HEAD. Unless the slash is blatant, or vicious, a routine slash call that catches the helmet is only 1 MINUTE releasable.

Also, If you have a flag down slow whistle at the closing seconds of the period and the ball is loose as the horn blows. Administer the penalty and the offended team starts with the ball over midfield at the start of the quarter. Remember, a flag down denotes possession.

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Recap of May 6th meeting

Below is a recap of the meeting on Tuesday.

Get the late hits! Too many late hits happening lately. We need to stop ball watching and watch the shooter/passer if your in that position.

Email/Call your partner and the AD to confirm game time and location. Twice in the last week we had game time/location changes and everybody was on the wrong page.

We need to do a better job at arriving on time. We must be there at least 15 minutes early at the latest. Strive to be there at least 30 min early. I know its tough during the weekdays.

On the youth front: if you don’t like the fee or the form of payment from a town or organization. TOUGH SHIT. Many towns pay by check through the Park and Rec Dept. We have no control over it. if you don’t like the fee or being paid by check just respectfully decline the game. Don’t give them a rash of shit because you only make all of us like like idiots. If we find people doing this again I will contact Craig and you will lose HS games.

Banquet will be held on June 10th at Samuels at the HOF. 630pm. May 26th is deadline for you to reserve. Please let me know if your attending.

Josh Walts

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The next meeting is at 6:30 on Tuesday, May 6th at the Basketball Hall of Fame.

The banquet will be on Wednesday June 10th. Mark your calendars.

Josh has the white hats if you have not gotten yours. You may wear the white hats in games starting on May 1.

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Westfield looking for refs for Bantam games

The Westfield youth program is looking for refs. Please see the email from Josh for more information.

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Gear orders

If you ordered gear from Chuck, please bring a form of payment to tonight’s meeting.  See you there.

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Upcoming meeting 6:30 on Monday Tuesday, April 8 at the Basketball HOF.

From Josh: As a reminder our next meeting will be April 8th at 6:30pm at the Basketball HOF in the theater.  Please make every effort to attend this meeting.

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Watch for cancellations

From Randy “not the President anymore” Milou: At this time of year a lot of games will be getting cancelled, moved, or changed. Please make sure to communicate with each other and also make sure that the referee contacts the site administrator / AD to confirm games status and site at least a day prior to the game.

Communication for all games is essential.  

If you are assigned as the REF, please confirm with the UMP and then confirm with the school.  Don’t wait – contact the school at least 24 hours before the game.  When you contact the school, double check the location and time by telling them what you understand the location and time to be.  The easiest way is to forward the email reminder you get from the Arbiter to the school and ask them to confirm.  Once you have confirmation from the school, email the UMP and tell him when and where you expect to meet before the game.

If you assigned as the UMP, confirm with the REF right away.  Just send an email telling them you are confirming.

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April Fool’s regarding Randy

Yeah, Randy is not the President.  Josh Walts is.  Sure hope he can take a joke (signed, Rich Clark)

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